SYENet Programs


With the alarming rate of unemployment especially among graduates in Ghana, The African Network Of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) has found the development of entrepreneurial mindset and skills in tertiary students a potent method of curbing this disturbing trend. Aimed at igniting entrepreneurial passion and developing practical skills needed in the business world, the Student Enterprise Challenge is an initiative of TANOE that is designed to get tertiary students competing amongst themselves to make the maximum profit on One Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢100) in Ten (10) Working Days with one (1) innovative idea.

Participants of this program will be made to submit a one-paged business plan on their innovative ideas on how to make substantial profit with a GH¢100 in a period of 10 working days. Submitted business plans will be reviewed by a panel of carefully selected judges made up of young but successful entrepreneurs and consultants. Owners of selected one-paged business plans will be interviewed, scaled down to the best 10 participants, who will be given GH¢100 cash to compete against themselves to make as much profit as possible in 10days by implementing the ideas laid down in their concept papers. Winner of the Student Enterprise Challenge will be the participant with the highest profit made in 10days on the GH¢100 cash given with their innovative idea.

The Student Enterprise Challenge seeks, among other things, to achieve the following objectives:

  • To ignite entrepreneurial passion in students and to develop in them practical skills needed in the business world
  • To help curb the rate of unemployment amongst graduates by the development of entrepreneurial mindsets and relevant skills.
  • To assist student entrepreneurs to fully develop their business ideas & innovations through mentorship & coaching
  • To debunk the concept of needing so much capital before one can pursue an entrepreneurial venture.
  • To enlighten student entrepreneurs on the proven principles and strategies of building sustainable businesses right from school
  • To fully equip student entrepreneurs to take up and overcome the challenges of starting a business in Ghana.
  • To network like-minded entrepreneurial students and business support service providers.
  • To provide an opportunity to student entrepreneurs to showcase the innovations, products and services

Participants of the Student Enterprise Challenge will gain the following benefits:

  1. Win GH¢1000.00 cash price which can serve as capital for starting their own businesses in or after school
  2. Win over GH¢5000.00 worth of coaching and business development services to help build their entrepreneurial initiatives
  3. Gain enterprise development and employability skills
  4. Develop practical entrepreneurial skills needed in the business world
  5. Build your networks and meet industry experts and peers with similar interests
  6. Add value to their CV
  7. Gain opportunity to do internships with partner organizations and entrepreneurs
  8. Life time TANOE & SENet Membership