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Rock Your World

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An entrepreneurship and innovation campaign with a mission to discover and develop the next generation of globally minded entrepreneurs right from school. ROCK YOUR WORLD will help students to understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and expose them to the application of principles like savings and investments and essential entrepreneurial and leadership skills. With most of the speeches and talks being delivered by young, smart and passionate entrepreneurs coupled with case studies and easy-to-apply resources ROCK YOUR WORLD is set to shift paradigms, challenge the status quo, raise global leaders and business moguls and discover and nurture potentials of the next generation of entrepreneurs.

To spark and sustain a Nation-wide Entrepreneurship Revolution like no other, helping over 5,000 students annually to discover their potentials & build relevant skills

To reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty by
building the capacities of 50,000 students in 10 years to
start globally sustainable businesses right from school

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