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Meet Priscilla Asante, the lady tackling entrepreneurship heads on

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Have you met Priscilla? The lady with the successful business plan?

You have probably seen her at a couple of programmes on campus (KNUST). Perhaps, you were too shy to ask of her name. Well, that’s been taken care of. Watsuptek brings to you the personality of the week: PRISCILLA ASANTE.

How cool is it to be so successful in a business venture and yet still to not have set foot in a business class? Seems like she’s a pro as she couples the third year Chemical Engineering programme with a successful catering business. She’s the girl next door whose quarters always has the aroma of delicious food emanating from it. She cooks for people at affordable prices, sells drinks during programmes and involved in catering supplies.

When asked what her motivation was, she had this to say, “I think the motivation is my blood, and that’s talking about my late dad (May his soul rest in perfect peace). Apart from being a Kwahu man who didn’t joke with his business, he really used to advise me to always be business-minded and gave me a lot of business tips. Hey, if he’s gone, why do I not start something great in memory of his name?

Besides, I could take off from where he ended someday.” And so what started as just a conceived idea from an experience has grown to be a large business. She’s making it big time as she is well sought after for big events on campus.

Now to all the guys reading this, who immediately see her as a potential girlfriend, or better still, wife, we are sorry to announce that she’s taken and it’s certainly not a complicated relationship.

In the meantime, grab extremely affordable chocolate supplies, both wholesale and retail, for your girlfriend or boyfriend this Valentine from one of the best student caterers on campus, Priscilla Asante.

Kindly contact 0508791846 / 0209105178 to place an order for all your ‘chocolatey’ needs.


Written by: Christabel Ofori-Atta


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