Ghana Student Entrepreneurs Awards


The GSEA (Ghana Student Entrepreneurs Awards) is the award program instituted for graduate students who own and operate businesses while in school. GSEA seeks to recognize and honour outstanding students who juggle a course load as a student and run their own businesses at the same time. GSEA supports early-stage student entrepreneurs who require much needed support, mentorship, recognition and networks to successfully turn their start-ups into globally competitive businesses.

GSEA Vision

To educate and motivate students to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option in and out of school

GSEA Mission

To inspire students to take up entrepreneurship by giving a national exposure to undergraduate business owners whose companies are innovative, profitable, socially responsible and competitive

 GSEA Target Group

Tertiary Students who have owned and operated a business for at least six months are eligible to be nominated to for any of the GSEA categories.

GSEA Categories:    

The GSEA (Ghana Student Entrepreneur Awards) will be in the following categories:

  1. Ghana Student Entrepreneur of the year
  2. Best Student – Social Entrepreneur
  3. Best Student Entrepreneur – Agriculture
  4. Best Student Entrepreneur – ICT
  5. Best Student Entrepreneur – Education
  6. Best Student Entrepreneur – Finance / Fintech
  7. Best Student Entrepreneur – Manufacturing
  8. Best Student Entrepreneur – Health
  9. Best Student Entrepreneur – Media
  10. Best Student Entrepreneur – Sports
  11. Best Student Entrepreneur – Fashion & Beauty
  12. Best Student Entrepreneur – Arts
  13. Best Student Entrepreneur – Engineering
  14. Best Student Entrepreneur – Transportation
  15. Most Innovative Idea, Product or Service
  16. Best Student Entrepreneur Support Organization
  17. Best Non-Ghanaian Student Entrepreneur of the year



  1. The student must be a graduate student at a recognized University or College for the 2017/2018 academic year and enrolled in school at the time of application.
  2. The student must be the owner, founder or controlling shareholder of their company and principally responsible for its operation.
  3. The student’s company must have been in business for at least the last six consecutive months.
  4. The student must have not been the GSEA winner in the past and/or were not one of the five finalists for previous awards.



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