Ebenezer Narh-Ngwarh – SYENET Student Entrepreneur of the Week

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Ebenezer Narh-Ngwarh, a student of Ghana Technology University College founded eBsoft in 2013. He is passionate about building simple technologies to solve problems in the society. He is always building innovative software to promote technology advancement in Africa and eager to get ideas behind every innovative software. His company is specialised in developing Web-Based Applications, Website Design, Desktop Applications, Mobile Application Development and they are simply dedicated to serving their clients with secure Web Hosting and Domain Registration.

eBsoft is one of the leading software companies in Ghana, providing innovative business solutions to businesses across Africa.


Name: Ebenezer Narh-Nngwah

School: Ghana Technology University College

Level: 400

Course: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Name of Company: eBsoft Technologies


SYENET: What/Who inspired your entrepreneurial journey?

Ebenezer: What inspires me most is the love for Technology and how our country is silent on using technology to increase productivity. Who inspires me most is Mark Zuckerberg, from a Dorm boy to connecting the world with technology.

SYENET: How did you raise your startup capital?

Ebenezer: I got my startup capital from handling jobs from companies, projects from either my colleagues or jobs available on th market.

SYENET: What significant successes have you chalked so far in business?

Ebenezer: Wow, it has been great having more than 10 clients now, we have a free product on the market to help businesses advertise their ads and list their business. (www.postrwallgh.com) Also, we have done a lot of projects which is boosting business growth now.

SYENET: How have you combined studies and work so successfully?

Ebenezer: It was not easy handling that, but I may say no matter what you are in for, you have to fight for it. I sometimes skip many lectures to get jobs done.

SYENET: What challenges do you face as a Student Entrepreneur and how do you overcome them?

Ebenezer: Not delivering on time, and I realized that if time could be managed well, I would deliver well. Most at times, I work at night, call client within the next morning to give them feedback about their work to make them feel comfortable before going on with lectures.

SYENET: After School, what are your entrepreneurial plans?

Ebenezer: to fully setup my business, by getting an office and have a lot of time for my work.

SYENET: What supports do you need to scale up your business?

Ans: Need a lot of funding to support my business.

SYENET: What are the top 5 lessons you have learnt in business so far?


  1. How to build a good team,
  2. How to register your business,
  3. Managing your client well and giving the right feedback on time,
  4. Know how to communicate with people,
  5. Learn to read more to grow your mindset.

SYENET: What advice do you have for other students?

Ebenezer: My advice I would like to give students is, to keep pushing and never forget to always set their value very high because I believe in VALUE. When your values became high, respect and satisfaction is yours.


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