About SYEnet

Student & Youth Entrepreneurs’ Network – SYENet is the student & youth subsidiary project of The African Network Of Entrepreneurs -TANOE with the sole aim of discovery and developing entrepreneurs right from school and at a young age.

SYENet aims to change the mindset of student to become job creators through consistent and effective promotion of entrepreneurship in schools and the community. We are dedicated to helping student & youth entrepreneurs succeed.

Our initiatives are focused on building a strong entrepreneurial environment enabling student & youth entrepreneurs to access needed resources and relevant information to polish their ideas, build their businesses and accelerate their business growth.



  • To discover and develop young entrepreneurs right from school while giving them the needed exposure to grow and build useful networks and partnerships.
  • To promote vibrant peer Entrepreneurial networks to encourage synergy and cross-fertilization of ideas.
  • To instill and develop the attributes of entrepreneurship and leadership in one million (1,000,000) students by 2030.